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Installing FAQ

Which web browsers does Visual Python support?

Visual Python may work on many up-to-date browsers but it is optimized for Chrome.

I installed Visual Python, but the orange button does not appear on my Jupyter Notebook.

This can happen if the you're using a Python version is not 3.x.
  1. 1.
    Please upgrade to Python 3.x, or
  2. 2.
    If you are using multiple versions of Python, specify the pip version as 3 using the following command:
NOTE: Please uninstall before reinstalling.
pip uninstall visualpython
visualpy install —pip3

How can I install Visual Python behind a corporate firewall?

If pip installation gives you SSLError, it can be solved using the following command:
pip install visualpython --trusted-host --trusted-host
To upgrade Visual Python in the same environment, follow the steps below.
1) Upgrade Visual Python package.
pip install visualpython --upgrade --trusted-host --trusted-host
2) Enable the package.
visualpy install